GIS Shapefile Loading Web App

Description: Several of our clients have ArcView GIS system that can create shape files and other Geospacial artifacts. A pattern that we have found ourselves repeating is to load these shape files into a web system and then to build a web application around the map that was produced. Rules and business logic can be applied to the data and allow further processing.

GPS-Enabled Multimedia

We have created many systems that allow users to attach a photo, movie, or audio clip to a specific location. This data can then have rules applied to it to give access for any set of business rules. The data collection and viewing can all be done using either an iOS device or an Android device. This combination of technologies is very powerful for building new types of start-ups and system.

Mobile Workflow Engine

One specialized type of mobile application we have created is an engine for reporting tasks to users. Its a very repeatable system that allows for a web application to maintain a flowchart of tasks. Mobile applications can then display the tasks and ask for responses.

Scheduling and Billing Web Apps

In many cases the core of a web application has a scheduling engine that coordinates several different schedules. It might send out notifications or simply point out conflicts. Additionally we have created several projects that connect to a credit card processing system so that your application can collect money. Finally we always have ways to administrate and report on the data that the system has been collecting.

Web Scanning Processed by Mechanical Turk

We have built several systems that scan websites or use other services (google, bing, twitter) to gather content. If the content needs to be processed by human editors hooking it to Mechanical Turk is a great way to have real people look and analyse the information.

For Engineers

PugetWorks is primarily an engineering firm, and even though we do quite a bit of design and user interfaces, most of our work is behind the scenes: planning, problem solving and building. We like a challenge, but sometimes in order to get to the unique, interesting part of a problem, we have to recreate some work we've done in the past.

Over the years we've developed software packages that can be used for similar problems.

The following are systems we have built in the past that may be re-purposed for your project. We can license any of this technology, and since we are the team that built it, can always build it again. Please feel free to ask us about a specific project.

A couple things to point out...

  • We can mix and match these parts. Since we have the code bases from the original projects we can save a vast amount of time building an enterprize level system simply by reusing the lessons we have learned in the past.
  • Its the same team. Our team has been together from at least 2006 and some for more than a decade. We know how each other works and we know how to structure ourselves to be the most effective with your budget.
  • These are real systems. We have built each of these systems at least once and sometimes with many variants.

For the sake of privacy we have left out some of the names of our clients and key technologies.