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Apr. 23rd, 2014

Many of my conversations with new clients revolve around the question of cost.  But, this can’t be figured out until you know what it is you are talking about.  My favorite tool for defining a product is the humble user story.A user story is a simple one sentence definition of… read the rest of the article

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Jun. 19th, 2013

Beta Testing Android Apps on the Google Play Store It’s easy enough to email an Android APK for your technical team to install, and that has always made it a bit easier to internally distribute Android app builds than iOS builds. (This was of course even more true before TestFlight)…. read the rest of the article

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Sep. 12th, 2011

A friend of mine once pointed out that when you are creating software, a very good way to look at it is “how dependent will your users be on your software?”.  Then in his usual clever way, he related it to pills.  Well, not pills so much but, pill like… read the rest of the article

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